E Bike Sale ! Made in USA High Power E Bikes 52volts 15ah 27mph

Busettii--- LONGER is BETTER! -- Longer Range, Longer Hill Climbing, Longer Life Batteries, Longer warranty, Longer FUN, Made in the USA E bikes. Busettii is the WORLD's #1 for long range (50--70miles), Hill Climbing (25% slopes), -----ONLY internally geared Motor running at 52 volts 27 amps in the USA. ------Only e-bike in USA with 52 volt 15 amp hour Deep Cycle Lithium Batteries for FAST (31 MPH) long range (50--70 miles) electric bikes, conversion kits, electric bike parts, Motobecane Electric bikes, Vortex Mountain bikes, electric scooters, electric trikes, e trikes etc. ------Best e bike warranty 3 years coverage on all Busettii e-bikes --- thoroughly tested and evaluated by E bike Outlets experts and given highest ratings by : Amp Brothers Detroit, Michigan E bikes, Ivan Stewart’s E bikes San Diego, Hipower Bikes, CIG International group, Spokes etc. Virginia, Burbank E bikes, Electric Bike review magazines --------New E bike Super Store Open in Santa Barbara CA. 911 Olive St. ---WE BIKE Electric -------- For any contact info please e-mail us. THE TOP RATED Electric Bike on Ebay ! 99% positive feedback from 700 customers ----MADE in USA.

Featured Products

New 2014 Triker 3 speed and Disc brake BLUE 52 volt 11 ah
Rear axle slides right off for easy transport size to 8 inches wide and 4 feet long.
Regular price: $2,990.00
Sale price: $2,490.00
Big 50 Mile High Power Long Range 52v 15ah --FREE shipping
52 volt 15 AH Deep cycle Lithium ebike 600 watt (1400 max watts) Quad torque made in USA motor and battery
Regular price: $2,190.00
Sale price: $1,890.00
Folding MINI 40 Mile 52 volt 11ah 500--1200 watt --Free Shipping
39 lbs. folds in 30 sec., cruise at 25 mph, 40 miles per charge NO Pedaling (more if you pedal)----52volt 11ah deep cycle Lith. USA Made.
Regular price: $2,190.00
Sale price: $1,890.00
700c - 29er wheel ebike KIT  600--1400 watts Rear or Front Drive
#1 e bike kit miles per charge(50--70 miles), acceleration(0--20mph in 7 sec.), hill climbing (1400 watts),
Regular price: $850.00
Sale price: $740.00
2014 Super 29er 600watt 50--70 miles per charge 52volt 15ah White
29er wheels, Deore 27 speed, 52v 15ah Deep Lith., NVX Lockout Shocks, Hybrid 90PSI tires, 32mph High speed
Regular price: $2,990.00
Sale price: $2,490.00
Super 29er 2014, 600--1400 watt 52 volt 15 ah BLACK
29er wheels, Long Range 52v 15ah Deep Lith., TOP SPEED 31 MPH, 52volt 27amp GEARED motor, 50-70 miles per charge, Many Unique features
Regular price: $2,990.00
Sale price: $2,490.00
Super Light 2014 Cafe Busettii 38 lbs. speedy 100 mile E-bike
Regular price: $2,990.00
Sale price: $2,490.00
New 2013 Vortex 9 speed 60 Mile Mid-Drive E Bike
Regular price: $2,690.00
Sale price: $2,350.00
Step thru Light Hill Climber 52volt 15 ah
High-grade RST Full lockout shocks----Hayes Pro Disc brakes ---24 speed Shimano DEORE Deraileurs ---52volt 15ah Lith., Motor (made in USA)
Regular price: $2,790.00
Sale price: $2,290.00
Disc brake bracket for Bikes with no Tabs Busettii Brackets
Regular price: $26.99
Sale price: $18.99
Regular price: $39.00
Sale price: $33.90
Step Thru Big 50 Mile 52 volt 15 ah 600--1400 watt YELLOW
700c wheels, 52 volt 15 amp hour(AH) 600 watt (max 1400 watts) USA Made --runs 50 miles a charge
Regular price: $2,290.00
Sale price: $1,990.00
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