To order anything on our site just send us an E-mail or call and we will send you an INVOICE that you can pay By Check, Credit card or Paypal ! or call 323-901-9941
To order anything on our site just send us an E-mail or call and we will send you an INVOICE that you can pay By Check, Credit card or Paypal ! or call 323-901-9941

PAS sensor disk for replacement

Vortex PAS sensor disc --also all other models works too
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This is a replacement pedal assist sensor disc that goes on the inside of the crank sprocket to control the auto pedal assit system. This same disk will work on all models of Busettii e-bikes ! after you install it, check the bike to make sure it works BEFORE you put the crank back on !!!! If it don't work then try pedaling backwards, if it starts working when you pedal backwards then that means you put it on BACKWARDS !! Turn it around and it will be fine !! Thanks, Busettii


Busettii Bikes and Other info: -----1. Always choose a GEARED motor NOT a direct drive or Gearless motor because direct drive motors are much heavier, waste too much energy and create DRAG on your bike when you are not using the motor! -----2. 48 or 52 volt motors and batteries are much better than 36 or 24 volt batteries and motors ! High voltage systems give you many benefits: 50% better power up hills, longer motor and battery life, Cooler motor and controller temp., Lighter weight to power ratio, they charge faster! -----3. Having more power is better even if you don't want to go fast ! The farther below the redline max. you are running the motor, controller and battery, the more efficient and cool it is running. The miles per charge goes up and the life of all your components goes up even when running at low speeds. Uniquely Busettii ! All Busettii Bikes are at least 72--95% or more made in the USA because we make our own unique 3 phase HE (high efficiency) wide power range Quad Torque Geared motors (wide range is 250—1400 watts range) USA Made and also the only bike company to use the new Deep Cycle Lithium Tri-metal strip cell batteries that allow longer range per charge because of the low safety shut off and very low heat creation. Deep Cycle Lithium batteries (DCL) have much better performance than Lipo4 (also called LifePO4) and other common lithium ion batteries (shallow cycle) because you can actually use ALL the energy in the battery from each charge. Normal Li-ion (LifePO4) batteries have a safety shut off at between 25--40% which doesn't allow you to use all the power stored in the battery. Our BYI 52 volt 15 AH battery has the same usable energy Output as a typical 48 volt 20 AH Lipo4 battery. We sell these batteries for $850 retail which is $130 cheaper than the cheapest Lipo4 battery (about $ 980 for Lipo4 --48 volt 20ah ) and Busettii Batteries (by BYI corp.) have a full 3 year warranty which is better than the typical 6 months on a Lipo 4 or similar bike batteries.

Busettii's 52 volt 600 watt Wide range Quad Torque motor (250---1400 watt range) can actually ramp up its power on hills to 900 watts in phase 2 and 1400 watts in phase 3 automatically when you go up hills. It’s actually a 600 / 900 / 1400 watt motor all in one. Federal regulations only allow e-bikes to have up to 750 watts nominal output on flat public roads ---- so our bikes only give you the big 1400 watts boost on the up hills and in strong head winds but not on flat roads (which is allowed by law). Then on the down hills the re-generator kicks in and recharges your battery. On the flat roads you will get the 600 watt high efficiency phase 1 mode (can actually run in a 250—600 watt range in phase 1) for over 50 miles of riding on one charge (no pedaling & 15 mph steady speed) and up to 70 miles in pedal assist mode medium (rider is moderately pedaling) We only allow our controllers and batteries to run up to 80% of their real capacity (redline) so they always run cool with no heat up even on big hills and with heavy riders. (our 35 amp motors and controllers only run at 27 amps* MAX to keep them well below the red line and they can run at 27 amps* even for up to 2 hours without getting hot--- most e-bikes waste up to 35% of all power output on heat build-up in the motor, controller and battery from running right at full red line max most of the time). A typical E-bike in the USA is using a 20 amp controller, 20 amp motor and 20 amp battery. And even at 20 amps output those e-bikes do not have enough power to pull even a 200 lbs. rider up a 15% slope. This is a bad situation because it causes the Controller and battery to run right at red line every time you take off or go up a hill. This heat generation is all wasted energy from the battery and can only be fixed by having components with much higher specs and then regulated down to a cool running output level. Therefore, Busettii uses 35 amp redline components and then regulates them down to 27 amps to ensure they stay cool, efficient and will last much longer than mismatched components that you see on most other brands. This 27 amps* still allows them to cruise at 22 mph with no pedaling (even with a 290 lbs. rider) and 27 mph in pedal assist PAS (except for the VORTEX which can cruise at 31 mph) Busettii Bikes can run 45---60 miles on one charge** with no peddling and 55--86 miles on one charge in pedal assist mode. The main reason for this great performance is in the DCL battery and 3 phase high efficiency (HE) DC motors that we designed and manufactured right here in the USA. Busettii Bikes will climb hills better than any other production e Bike in the USA that is priced under $3500 and will still run farther per charge than most $5000 e-bikes. NOTES: * 27 amps is ONLY needed to take a heavy rider up a steep hill. When the bike is cruising at a steady 15 mph on a flat course with a 160 lbs. rider it is only using 5.2 amps (280 watts) to maintain this speed. Its only when there are things like steep hills, head winds, fast acceleration or heavy riders that the 27 amps are used ! (Most other brands on the market would be losing about 25—35% of their energy as heat from running so close to the redline so would be using about 36 volts and 9--12 amps just to maintain this 15 mph speed) **Mileage per charge is tested at a steady 15 mph with 180 lbs. rider on a flat course with little wind and 90 PSI 1.5” touring tires according to testing standards. Mileage varies by bike model and battery size.

The Basic specs on below 4 Busettii models :

Big 50 Mile Bike, Super 50 Mile Bike & Folding 50 Mile Bike & Step thru 50 Mile Bike. ( All 4 models use the same motor, battery and controller, battery rack etc.)

---50 MPC(miles per charge)NO pedaling and 62—70 MPC** in pedal assist mode depending on power setting. ---The only bikes in the USA under $3000 that can go 70 miles per charge (but retails for $1990) ---The only e-bikes in the USA with the new Deep cycle lithium polymer batteries(low safety shut off) ---The only e-bikes in the USA using the new 3 phase 52 volt 27 amp DC motors and controllers. ---The only e-bikes in the USA with 3 year FULL warranty on Battery, controller, motor and frame. ---The only e-bikes in the USA with super high speed 4 hour smart charger and cell balancer. ---Most other e-bikes only have 6---9 months warranty on the battery and 30 days on controllers. ---Bikes have both pedal assist mode and open throttle mode with 4 power levels on handle bar. ---All Busettii e-bikes have an on board computer that lets you control the battery, power level, re-charge etc. ---Bike Brake levers have built in Kill switches that cuts off motor power when you brake for safety. ---Busettii bikes all have a cruise control capability that makes long rides better & efficient. ---Some models come without shocks or Disc brakes BUT can be upgraded for a small fee. ---Torque (60 ft/lbs) 52 volt 600 watt 27 amps is much better than any other e-bike under $4000 in the USA. ---Other e-bikes are mostly 30 ft/lbs Torque 36 volt 400 watt 18 amp motors and yet a higher price ! ---Max Rider weight is 290 lbs.! Most other Brands are 200—230 lbs. Max Rider weight. ---Busettii Motors run much quieter and smoother than most e-bikes, and have zero drag when coasting. ---The ONLY e-bikes in the USA that can climb 15—20% slopes with no pedaling ! ---20% slope no pedaling ---30% slope with pedaling from rider. (most other e-bike Brands cannot even handle a 10% slope incline with no pedaling and 12% requires very hard pedaling) ---LH2 aircraft Aluminum Frames have reinforced axle inserts, front forks, and triple butted frames to handle the bigger riders, heavy loads and the 60 ft/lbs. of torque put out by Busettii’s Quad torque motors and controllers. No other motor in the USA comes close to this performance and price level. ---Full 3 year warranty on MOTOR, Battery, Controller and Frame (other parts are normal wear and tear). **Mileage per charge is tested at a steady 15 mph with 160 lbs. rider on a flat course with little wind and 90 PSI 1.3” touring tires according to testing standards. Mileage varies by bike model and battery size. Motor Specs: 600 watt 52 volt 3 phase HE DC motor running 900 watts in phase 2 and 1400 watts in phase 3. Max. output is 1400 watts at 1500 RPM & 27 amps constant with a torque reading of 58 ft.lbs. Auto phase shifting with hill sensor activation for phase 2 & 3 output. This motor runs at 93% efficiency compared to most other brand motors that run at about 60---70% efficiency. (i.e. very little heat produced on Busettii motors) Most other e-bikes produce a lot of heat on the motors, controllers and batteries which is all lost energy. 60--75 Day No Risk E bike trial offer! If you don't have a dealer within 50 miles of your home to try before you buy then you can try this risk free offer!

Order any e-bike direct from the Busettii dot com site and try it for 60--75 days risk free! The only thing you will pay for is shipping fee of $130 if you return the bike between 60---75 days after the purchase date. This will give you the chance to try Busettiis' Unique Hill climbing power and Long range batteries and motors made in the USA. Keep all of your original packaging and simply pack it back up and send it before the 76th day after order date. UPS will come right to your house and pick up the bike. You only pay for the damage to the bike if any occurred and the actual shipping fee. For this risk free trial you must try the bike for at least 60 days from day it arrives to your home and then your return must be postmarked before the 76 th day from the day it arrived.

60 Day Return Policy -- For people who don't opt for the 60--75 day risk free trial offer. You have 60 days to try your Busettii e-bike and if for any reason you want to return your Busettii e-bike and get a refund on your money then simply follow these guidelines below: ----1. Buyer must package the bike in the original box and foam packaging material with all parts and items included and return to Busettii Bikes return center after contacting Busettii for return details. ----2. Buyer must arrange and pay for the return shipping fees and be responsible for any and all shipping damage and/or shipping insurance for the bike. ----3. As is standard in the bike industry a restocking fee of 15% will be charged for any returned bike Unless it is because of a major defect in the bike that qualifies under the 3 year warranty. The 15% restocking fee helps pay for the original packaging and handling fees and the re-inspecting, re-adjusting and re-packaging of the bike. If a bike is not returned in the original Box and foam padding then another fee of $80.00 must be collected to pay for the New box and packaging materials (also if the box is in very bad condition). ----4. Bikes should be returned in Like new condition ! Any scratches or broken or missing parts must be deducted from the buyers refund. Any damage caused by shipping will be deducted from the buyers refund BUT the buyer can still make a claim with the Shipping company for damages. we recommend you buy shipping insurance when returning a bike. -----5. A Summary of deductions for refund will be sent by e-mail or mail to the buyer for approval and signature by mail or e-mail to be approved and agree to the above terms of the refund by the buyer. To get a refund the buyer must agree to the above return policy and the summary of deductions to the refund. -----6. Returns more than 75 days after purchase date are subject to a 30% restocking fee plus all shipping fees. Again, missing or broken parts will be deducted from any refund as well.

Battery Specs: BYI 52 volt 15 Ah (amp hour) Deep Cycle Lithium Polymer soft pack strip cell Battery reaching about the same output value as a Lipo4 --48volt 20 AH battery at about a 10% discount price. C value of 3 with the ability to run a constant 40 amps and burst rates up to 65 amps. Our BMS regulates this down to 27 amps max. constant and 33 amps burst mode in order keep a very cool running battery, controller and motor. Busettii motors, batteries and controllers can be run under full load even up steep hills for over one hour without heating up beyond 110 degrees(or the local air temperature) because each component is regulated to not go over 80% of its actual max-out red-line constant power flow limits.

Can actually use 95% of each charge as output for motor. A typical LifePO4 battery can only use 60% --70% of each charge because they have a safety shutoff of 25---40% which limits the distance you can travel on one charge. The Generic no brand Lithium batteries coming out of China have a 50% safety shut-off which means you can only use half of the stored power. However, batteries like Lipo4 and others still list the STORED energy value on the battery without listing the actual Usable energy value (which is far lower). As we increase the voltage of motors, batteries and controllers that higher voltage also increases the long life cycle of the battery as well as decreasing the charge time per watt hour of capacity. The BYI 52v-15ah Busettii battery will charge 50% faster than a 48volt20ah Lipo4 battery. All our batteries come with a high speed charger that has automatic cell balancing and conditioning for longer battery life and better power curve.

Busettii kits ---Convert your bike to an e-bike Store Price $830 Net price $730 You can use Busettii 26”, 700c or 29er, 20” rear wheel (600 watt 3 phase 27amp Motor Kit) Busettii conversion kits include everything you need to convert your bike to an electric bike and we also have a kit for the front wheel of 26” , 700c, 29er and 20” bikes and disc brake mounts on all motors. We are the worlds #1 Conversion kit based on distance per charge(50--70 miles), acceleration, hill climbing speed, Overall bang for the Buck and longest battery & motor warranty (3 year full warranty) **Busettii 52 volt 600 –1400 watt 3 phase 35 amp DC motors (runs at 600, 900, 1400 watts auto phase shifting and governed down to 27 amps for cool high efficiency performance). **Busettii 35amp 52 volt controller (running at 27 amps for coolness) with 42 amp burst ability. **AWESOME hill climbing power 1400 watts ! 20% grade hill no pedaling and 30% grade with pedaling. **Grip handle twist throttle with built in cruise control, pedal assist 4 level switching, battery meter. **All kits have pedal assist controls and also throttle control with easy power switching and meters. **Special brake levers with built in kill switching for safe braking and universal adapters to fit any bike. **Busettii Motors all have a disc brake mount on every motor (unlike other company that can’t use disc brakes) **Includes mounting box for controller and all wiring and hardware needed for conversion. **Busettii motors go faster (27mph) farther (50—70 miles a charge) and climb hills much better (1400watts) **All Busettii Motors, Controllers, frames and batteries have a full 3 year warranty. **Busettii has 3 warehouses in the USA and keeps all spare parts for all bikes & kits in stock at all times. **MADE in the USA ! All motors, Bikes and batteries are made and assembled in the USA. **You choose battery separately Conversion kit battery: 52 volt DCL---Deep Cycle Lithium Batteries -- 2 sizes 11 AH & 15 AH 52 volt 11 amp hour DCL lithium battery w/ high speed charger ------------Store Price $830 Net price $730 Weight = 8 lbs. charge time = 4 hours, 3 year full warranty 40--55 miles on one charge. 52 volt 15 amp hour DCL lithium battery w/ high speed charger---- ------------- Store price $950 Net price $850 Weight = 13 lbs. charge time = 4 hours----3 year full warranty --- 50--70 miles on one charge. 52 volt 9 amp hour Lead acid battery w/ charger (much heavier and shorter life cycle) --------------Store Price $390 Net price $340.00 Weight = 32 lbs. charge time = 9 hours 6 month warranty 17---22 miles on one charge **Please remember that Lead acid batteries are much heavier and because they don’t allow you to use all the power inside because they have a 50% safety shut down therefore the miles per charge is only 17—22 miles. Other options : we also have 2 kinds of battery racks OR saddle bags for carrying the battery. The battery racks are sold separately because some people will just use their existing bike rack or basket to hold the battery. You can see the 2 types racks on the next 2 bike pictures below. Saddle bags are $55 (dealer $40) Both types of battery racks are $65 (dealer $50)
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